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Company Profile 

Sansec, headquartered in Beijing, China, is committed to information security solutions and services. Sansec focuses on cryptographic technology, offers exceptional products and solutions for PKI system, financial security, data protection and cloud services.


As the first enterprise which passed the FIPs 140-2 level3 for HSM(s) in China, we have joined international standardization organizations such as CSA and OASIS, which give us global insights and improve our competitiveness. In addition, we have accumulated rich experiences and strengthened our capabilities in cross-cultural collaborations by working closely with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and other leading international enterprises.



Sansec Technology Co., Ltd

Sansec has an outstanding professional cryptographic technology team. As a modern company, we have a high-standard quality management system, with the ISO9001, ISO27001, and CMMI3 certifications. All these guarantee the reliable and professional security solutions and services for customers.

If you want to expand your business in China, we will be your best specialists. As a member of the China Cryptography Standardization Technical Committee, Sansec is quite familiar with Chinese laws, policies, technical standards, and cryptography industry standards. Our cryptographic and information security products have all acquired the OSCCA (office of State Commercial Cryptography Administration) certificates.

Sansec is acknowledged as one of the top Chinese information security solution suppliers. We have made our products compatible with different information system environments and different industries including government departments, large enterprises, financial systems, telecommunications, clouds, IDCs, SaaS services. We are your best trusted choice. 


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Company culture

Our Mission

Make life better and do things that are truly valuable to society.

Corporate vision



International perspective

As the competition of enterprises has been globalized, Sansec plans with a global perspective in technology development and market layout. Only by that can the company survive and grow bigger and stronger.



Core technology

The company pays much attention to R&D and innovation, the accumulation of core technologies and the cultivation of core competences. All these endeavor helps us to strive in information security field and win global market, and more importantly, shoulder the mission to make a contribution to the social development.



  People-oriented Management

The company strives to create a management style and corporate culture that is people-oriented, frank and honest. We have established a mature HR management system and kept a pleasant working atmosphere.

Core value



Create value for customers

By standing in the foot of our customers, we insist on providing integrated and satisfying services and products to resolve their issues and problems. All customers are treated with honesty, integrity and respect. 


Create platforms for the employees

Employees are the source of the continued development of Sansec. The company provides a fair and equitable development platform to support and encourage employees to realize their pursuance at work.


The benefit allocation

The company firmly believes that employees are the company's largest value creators, so the company provides employees with competitively salary to evoke their work enthusiasm.

Code of conduct


All of our work revolves around creating value for our customers and bringing benefits. We strive to create and deliver first-class products and services that are trusted by our customers, establish a superior brand image, and win and maintain long-term customer relationships.

High performance orientation

We are committed to being a high-performance company that can provide an attractive material reward to every member of the company while contributing to society and to our customers. We always adhere to high performance orientation, encouragement and Support each member to strive to do their best.

Insist on learning and innovation

We will not be satisfied with the status quo, but will continue to seek growth and breakthrough. We adhere to lifelong learning, learning in the dry, constantly improve our professional level and creative thinking ability, strive to innovate in our work, and seek better and more effective solutions.

Trust and respect each other

We respect every member of the company and our customers, and we trust and cooperate with each other at work. We believe that honest and timely communication can enhance mutual understanding and trust. For the company's overall interests, we will open our hearts and sincerely point out each other's problems in order to seek improvement.


We expect each member to develop with the company. The company also provides various resources and opportunities to help employees grow. We require each member to focus on the company's overall and long-term interests, take responsibility for their own work, and help others do their best. .


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