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Work for a better life, life is good to get a better job. The company provides employees with a wealth of leisure activities to ensure that employees can work happily, enjoy life, strengthen communication, and create harmonious interpersonal relationships. People-oriented, harmonious and happy.

Spring expansion: The year is spring. Spring returns to the earth, the recovery of all things, the melting of snow and ice, and the smoothness of the wind, the company organizes all employees to go outdoors, return to nature, invigorate the spirit, stretch the bones, and build up strength for the struggle of the year. Increased understanding, solidarity and collaboration among colleagues and strengthened team cohesion.


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Determined to be the leader in the domestic information security industry with excellent products and perfect services, and contribute to the information security industry in China!

Picking in the spring: Winter is going to bloom early, and spring is fruitful. Spring is a good season for travel. For this reason, the company organizes employees to carry out picking activities. Employees can enjoy the warmth of the sun, the beauty of life recovery and the pleasure of personal picking with family members, friends and family.
Summer tourism: Summer is a good season for travel. The company organizes summer tourism, so that employees can have a good opportunity to get close to their children and their families, improve the quality of their family life, and enhance the recognition of their families and employees. And use this as an opportunity to express gratitude to the family members of the employees, and thank the family members for their strong support for the work of the company's employees.
New Year's Day Annual Meeting: New Year's Day is the end of a fiscal year and the beginning of the new fiscal year. Every year, the company organizes the annual meeting activities, sums up the company's gains and losses in one year, and conveys the strategic goals of the new year.
Employee birthday: The company's development is devoted to the support and dedication of every employee and his family. The company is our common home and will send warm wishes to the family's birthday.
Staff gathering: Each department can regularly organize department staff to gather meals, strengthen communication among employees within the department, strengthen departmental organization and improve employee cohesion.

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