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Cloud HSM

Sansec Cloud HSM provide secure and confidential data communication services for systems in the cloud.
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Cloud HSM

Product introduction >>

Sansec's SJJ1601 Cloud HSM is made specifically to fulfill the requirements of cloud services. Primarily implemented as a hardware device, the cloud HSM can achieve virtualization of VSMs, each of which can provide services such as encryption/decryption of data, performing signatures and verification, key management, maximizing hardware efficiency, a secure connection service for computer network systems under the cloud environment.

Product Functions >>

HSM virtualization

Each physical HSM can operate multiple VSM, each of which can provide applications with cryptographic services while ensuring that all VSMs are completely independent and isolated from each other. This virtualization improves the efficiency of resource usage, granular clustering of services, and can provide high-speed, stable, and reliable cryptographic operation services.

Secure remote key management

By using secure authentication and login protocols, cloud HSM allows the user to perform remote key management operations through an encrypted network connection.

Secure business usage

For the business usage, the encrypted connection between the VSM and the application mainframes can protect user application data through the secure network environment.

Centralized device management

Centralized management center can monitor and manage cloud HSM device, isolate user key management rights, and ensure secure storage and usage of user keys. Centralized device management supports device real-time monitoring and alarms to warn of device malfunctions. Administrators have full control of the device’s system settings. Through system configurations, the administrators can easily complete the management automatically.

High quality key generation

All types of cryptographic keys are generated by using OSCCA approved cryptographic hardware products to ensure their quality.

xtensive application support

Support JCE, PKCS#11 and other types of standard cryptographic application interfaces, satisfying security application requirements in virtualized or cloud environments.

Multi-parallelism support

Through bidirectional SSL connections and mutual authentications, cloud HSM can call up multiple VSMs while supporting multiple application services sharing for the VSMs.

Backup and recovery support

Support VSM automatic backup and recovery while assisting users in building applications programs that need a high usability of strong cryptographic key protection.


Product Features >>

Tight cloud environment deployment requirements

The cloud HSM’s cloud encryption are flexible and can be configured, shared by multiple users, and customized for users to deploy on private cloud, hence resolving the issue of isolating the key management rights. It is equipped with comprehensive technology and security mechanisms to ensure user key security.

Reduces the cost of equipment procurement and management

The cloud HSM supports leasing of cryptographic services and provides services to its users. The users no longer need to purchase expensive equipment and can instead enjoy the various cryptographic services provided by the cloud HSM at minimal costs. Multiple users can independently and securely share a single device. Through virtualization, the cloud HSM can act as 10 VSMs.

Cryptographic algorithm compliance

Cloud HSM supports the international cryptographic algorithms such as RSA, ECC, AES, DES, Triple-DES, SHA1/2/3 and son on. It also supports the SM2, SM3, and SM4 Chinese cryptographic algorithms, satisfying the OSCCA standards and having a high security strength.

Application Scenarios >>

Sansec Cloud HSM


Hardware index >>

Physical characteristics  
Specifications 2U
LCD screen Included
Dimensions(width x depth x height) 520x440x 89mm
Mass 14Kg
Physical characteristics  
Working power supply 220V,50Hz,350W Redundant power supply
Power consumption 250W
Network socket RJ-45 10/100/1000Mb x2
Working protocol TCP/IP
MTBF Greater than 50000 hours
Environment parameters  
Work temperature 10℃-50℃
Non-condensing humidity 5%-85%
Storage temperatur 0℃-60℃
Non-condensing humidity 5%-95%

5.2 Performance indicators

SM2 algorithm performance  
256 bit SM2 key pair generation 5100 pairs/second
256 bit SM2 signature speed 4250 times/second
256 bit SM2 verification speed 2550 times/second
256 bit SM2 encryption speed 2380 times/second
256 bit SM2 decryption speed 3400 times/second
RSA algorithm performance  
1024 bit RSA key pair generation speed 68 pairs/second
1024 bit RSA signature speed 8500 times/second
1024 bit RSA verification speed 51000 times/second
2048 bit RSA key pair generation 8 pairs/second
2048 bit RSA signature speed 1700 times/second
2048 bit RSA verification speed 17000 times/second
Symmetric algorithm performance  
SM4 algorithm encryption/decryption speed 200 Mbps
AES algorithm encryption/decryption speed 340 Mbps
3DES algorithm encryption/decryption speed 340 Mbps
Hash algorithms  
SM3 hash algorithms 340 Mbps


Cloud HSM
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