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Cryptographic Platform

Sansec cryptographic platform manage different types of keys for various application systems.
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Cryptographic Platform

Product introduction >>

The cryptographic service platform provides universal dispatch, load balancing, multi-device hot backup, and state inspection for hardware encryption devices in order to universally manage different types of keys for various application systems. The platform completes a transition agreement between the business mainframe and encryption device before using the hardware encryption device. The platform supports many types of hardware encryption devices in order to complete different cryptographic services such as encryption and decryption for core business within banks and integrated forward systems. It also provides signature, signature verification, and certificate verification for online banking systems, IC cards that fulfill the PBOC standards plus encryption/decryption capabilities for data preparation systems, and encryption capabilities for mobile payment and token services.

The cryptographic service platform provides multiple HSMs for centralized dispatch, and through loading and hot backup, ensures high availability for businesses, implements grouping management, and completes the secure isolation of different business system’s cryptographic services. The platform also provides complete operations of HSMs at various locations with a high visibility and central diagrams for security/capabilities of important encryption operations. At the same time, it’s also a flexible monitoring and management platform, providing the HSM with 7*24 status reporting without any user intervention. It will provide complete alerts while operating and configuring securely with the HSMs, allowing the relevant teams to thoroughly understand the situation and at the same time assist them in proactively preventing future problems.

Key Advantages

  • Provides a universal secure encryption service interface
  • Has HSM load balancing and multiple hot backups
  • Unified management of keys
  • Provides 7*24 visibility for all HSMs
  • Recognize performance bottlenecks and makes plans for capacity changes
  • Proactively checks for ways to cope with potential HSM problems
  • Reduces the purchasing, management, and development costs
  • Seamless integration with existing HSM hardware and software configurations



Technical Specifications >>

Platform components

  • The secure cryptographic service platform software provides its services through calling the HSM via application systems
  • Application service connects to proxy software and allows for applications systems to stably accept the secure proxy cryptographic server device
  • SDK for use in application system development
  • Server (Platform can be deployed on the application system mainframe in accordance with usage methods)
  • Many groups of HSM
  • Accessory equipment such as management terminals, monitoring terminal, network devices, USBkey


Platform capabilities

  • Cryptographic services are integrated together
  • All devices are universally managed and are compatible with different HSMs
  • Key management is transparent to the applications
  • HSM is managed, and applied in groups. Business systems are securely isolated from the HSM
  • HSM load balancing and multiple hot backups
  • Flexible configuration management


Monitoring capabilities

  • Refreshes all statistics information of the HSM every minute
  • Provides a list of alerts in accordance with the thresholds defined by the user
  • Provides alerts through emails and remote syslog server
  • Monitors for service status
  • Operational system analysis
  • Comprehensive logging and auditing



  • The session between a client browser and a cryptographic service platform needs to undergo authentication
  • The administrator and group manager’s roles have been securely isolated
  • Strong cryptographic strategies which controls automatic log off after a certain period of time has passed
  • Application systems and platforms are connected via a secure channel 
Cryptographic Platform
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